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The DeFi Education Fund Provides an Additional Grant to Fight For the Future

The DeFi Education Fund (DEF) is pleased to announce that it has provided an additional $575,000 grant to Fight for the Future, continuing our support for them for the second year of a grassroots advocacy campaign that aims to ensure that protecting human rights is central in DeFi-related policy conversations.

Fight for the Future is a nonprofit advocacy group focused on defending technology “as a force for liberation, not tyranny.” The group has a longstanding track record of being on the front lines of defending technology from governmental misuse and misguided regulation.

In our current political landscape, there is no backstop defending us from digital money’s worst case scenarios like surveillance-by-default or forced intermediation from legacy financial institutions. This new grant from DEF will allow Fight for the Future to continue its campaign and allow the group to focus on core issues such as privacy, free expression, and the 1st amendment-protected right to code, strengthening their proactive media efforts to educate the public and broaden their coalition.

With this funding, Fight for the Future will aim to accomplish the following:

  • Strengthen the Coalition: Have at least 50 digital rights and social justice organizations join the coalition and increase their supporter list by 10,000.

  • Change the Media Narrative: Support and pitch visible, high-quality media stories with a strong public interest perspective.

  • Political Reform: Support the enactment of thoughtful policies that protect the privacy of cryptocurrency transactions and promote the independence of DeFi.

  • Recruit More Activists: Motivate at least 300,000 people to act, including through contacting decision makers, posting on social media, sharing information with networks and participating in crowdsourced fundraising.

“With an impactful first year behind us, we’re ready to continue to provide rapid response, experienced analysis, and thoughtful campaigns to preserve the human rights potential of DeFi,” said Sarah Roth-Gaudette, Executive Director, Fight for the Future. “We are honored to be awarded the grant in a second year.”

Building off of their experience, this grant will provide the DeFi grassroots movement with a battle-proven playbook that will amplify the important educational mission of the DeFi Education Fund.

We are proud to support organizations like Fight for the Future. Please be sure to check them out and give them a follow on Twitter. Additionally, if you are in need of support please visit our website and follow us on Twitter to see how we might be able to partner with you to further your mission to enact positive, lasting change for DeFi.


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