About DEF 

The DeFi Education Fund is a nonpartisan research and advocacy group working to explain the benefits of DeFi, achieve regulatory clarity for the future of the global digital economy, and help realize the transformative potential of DeFi for everyone.


We exist because DeFi has immense potential to promote human flourishing, but that potential can only be realized with buy in from governments and smart policy. We work to help realize DeFi's promise by educating regulators and policymakers and advocating for smart approaches that work.

The DEF focuses on research and advocacy efforts in the following areas:

Policymaker Education

Educating legislative and regulatory policymakers about the benefits of DeFi and decentralized governance.

Thought Leadership and Research

Explaining and demystifying the existing and potential benefits and uses of DeFi.

Grassroots Advocacy

Making it easy for DeFi community members to voice their opinions in the policymaking process.


Better formulating ideas, preparing spokespeople, and communicating to policymakers and the general public the benefits and promise of DeFi.

Legal Firepower

Developing a strong bench of legal advocates in multiple jurisdictions and venues.

Best Practices

Developing models for all DeFi projects to benefit from collectively.

Our Team

Miller Whitehouse-Levine DeFi Education.png

With oversight from the DEF’s grants committee, Miller has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the execution of the organization’s mission and goals. Prior to joining the fund, Miller led the Blockchain Association’s policy operation and worked at Goldstein Policy Solutions on a range of public policy issues, including crypto. Miller holds a B.S. in international politics and a minor in Mandarin Chinese from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service.

Miller Whitehouse-Levine

Policy Director

Amanda Flournoy Defi Education Fund.png

Amanda serves as the DEF's grants director and is responsible for all operational aspects of the DEF's grants program from origination to close-out. She reviews grant requests and supporting documentation for adequacy and accuracy, monitors and tracks grantee payments and reports, and assists grantees with performance of their administrative responsibilities under the terms of the grants. She also ensures the DEF's grants program remains compliant with relevant legal obligations and industry best practices. Amanda has worked with a number of distinguished academic institutions and organizations, serving as department administrator, director of finance and administration, senior grants administrator, as well as, a director of accountability. Amanda holds a M.S. in Business Management and a B.A. in Business Administration.

Amanda Flournoy

Grants Director

Max Bernstein DeFi Education.jpg

Maxwell Bernstein

Communications Manager

Max serves as the DEF’s communications manager and is responsible for the development and execution of all aspects of DEF’s integrated communications strategy. Prior to joining the Fund, Max spent five years as an in-house communications consultant, serving clients in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Max has experience working with some of the nation’s biggest names in finance and fintech, advising clients on a plethora of issues including, pending legislation, DOJ investigations and mergers and acquisitions. Max holds a B.A. in Politics, Economics and Law from the University of Richmond.


Lizandro Pieper

Communications Associate

Laz serves as the DEF’s communications associate and works closely with Max in the development and execution of DEF’s integrated communications strategy. Prior to joining the Fund, Laz has worked on five political campaigns including U.S. Senatorial and U.S. House campaigns in which he led grassroots teams ranging from ten to thirty canvassers. Laz was first introduced to DeFi in Spring 2020 while conducting foreign policy research for his internship at a Washington-based think tank. Laz holds a B.A. in Political Science with a concentration in U.S. Law and Government, as well as minors in both Legal Studies and Criminology from Colorado State University.

Steering Committee


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