Policy education and advocacy to help DeFi flourish

The DeFi Education Fund (DEF) explains decentralized finance (DeFi) to policymakers around the world and advocates for policies welcoming of decentralized financial infrastructure.


The policy and regulatory environment that will affect DeFi is developing quickly. Help us shape the future of DeFi policy across the globe.

Latest Weekly Update

Ooki DAO Update; Washington's Response to FTX

A Note to the DeFi Community

As DeFi continues
to attract legislative
and regulatory
scrutiny, we share a note on how DEF is working to support the ecosystem's growth and resilience through grantmaking. 

Latest Comment Letter

Response to U.S. Treasury's Request for Comment on Digital Asset Innovation

October Update

Leading up to the midterm elections, DEF has been primarily focused on two macro issues: potential legislative action on regulating crypto spot markets in the Senate (which could have major implications for DeFi) and the CFTC vs. Ooki DAO litigation.

Latest Filing

On October 4th, we filed a motion to submit an amicus brief in CFTC vs Ooki DAO that discusses our concerns with the CFTC's action generally and requests the court reconsider its order granting the CFTC's alternative service.

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