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DeFi Education Fund Update

Policy Director Hired

We are excited to announce that Miller Whitehouse-Levine has joined as the organization’s policy director. With oversight from the steering committee, Miller will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for the execution of DEF’s mission and goals. A more complete delineation of his responsibilities can be found here.

Paperwork sitting on top of a laptop.

We received 62 applications for the policy director position, conducted first round interviews with four candidates, and then second round interviews with two of those applicants. The steering committee unanimously agreed to hire Miller based on his unique qualifications — notably, his significant knowledge of the DeFi ecosystem and his policy experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. His prior collaboration with international crypto advocacy organizations will provide insight into strong potential grantees around the world. We are confident Miller has both the dedication and the ability to build all necessary systems and processes to start DEF quickly, and to begin deploying resources rapidly — which is especially critical given the current regulatory environment.

DEF Rapid Grants

We’re eager to start deploying the organization’s resources. In light of active threats to the future of the cryptocurrency ecosystem in both the United States and Europe, and inspired by the success of the Fast Grants program, the DEF is initiating a rapid grants program with the goal of beginning to deploy its resources as soon as possible. This grant application form should take less than 30 minutes to complete, and the DEF committee will deliver funding decisions within 72 hours, with funds following shortly thereafter. At the outset, the rapid grants program will fund proposals ≤$50,000 and distribute funds from the DEF’s multisig.

More information about the DEF’s Rapid Grants Program and the application form can be found here.

Seeking Grants Director

DEF is looking to hire a grants director to develop, implement, and manage all operational aspects of the DEF’s grantmaking program. The application can be found here. As the organization matures, we will make additional operational and policy hires to enhance the organization’s impact and to ensure global coverage.

Twitter Spaces Update

Please join the DEF committee this evening (Monday, August 2) at 8pm ET in a Twitter Space (@fund_defi) to discuss these updates and the crypto provisions in the recently announced bipartisan infrastructure package. We’ll provide an update about the DEF’s budget soon and will get our official website up and running as well. Stay tuned!

Contact the DEF at

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