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The DeFi People

ICYMI, we have been dubbed “The DeFi People” by the judge in the SEC v. Coinbase case, who was referring to our amicus explaining the tech at issue. We are officially leaning into those words of praise and offering up the OFFICIAL “DeFi People” merchandise.


DEF advocates for the interests of DeFi users, participants, and software developers working to create new DeFi products using blockchain technology. Among other things, we educate the public about DeFi through op-eds, podcasts, and print media; meet with members of Congress to discuss decentralized finance and attendant issues; and submit public comments on proposed rulemakings that impact decentralized finance. 


Your donations make our work possible.


The policy, regulatory and legal landscape is shifting rapidly, and now is the time to increase efforts so we can protect DeFi.


Please consider making a purchase as all proceeds go to supporting our work. We accept payment in crypto under the "Manual Payment" option. 

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A Donation to DEF

Please consider adding an additional donation to the DeFi Education Fund to cover shipping and handling fees as well as to further support our mission to make the case for DeFi, protect its immense potential, and build a policy landscape welcoming innovation.


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