Grant recipients

The DEF’s grant recipients include a mix of organizations and individuals working to advance policymakers' understanding of the DeFi ecosystem. Learn more about our partners and their work below.

Fight for the Future

Fight for the Future Will mobilize a large, unified advocacy coalition with a common strategy for DeFi issues and arm DeFi users with the best tools for rallying other and making their voices heard.
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Matt Bartlett

Matt is writing a report on how DAOs and the governance structures that control DeFi protocols are systematically different from traditional structures in the financial system like LLCs and trusts.
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Mike Masnick & Team

Mike and his team are conducting research, writing a report, and creating supporting materials explaining the value of a more decentralized internet and decentralized finance, ecosystems in which power is pushed out to the ends of the network rather than the center.
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Diversity in Blockchain

Diversity in Blockchain (DiB) is creating a series of animated explainer videos to showcase the benefits that DeFi is bringing to the world at large.
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Future Majority

Future Majority is conducting three polls studying public perceptions of DeFi and crypto in key regions in the United States.
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