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Michael Mosier Joins DEF's Steering Committee

The DeFi Education Fund (“DEF”) is proud to announce that Michael Mosier, of Espresso Systems and Arktouros pllc, has joined DEF’s steering committee.* Mosier is no stranger to DeFi policy issues and has been active on the Tornado Cash matter, questioning the rationale of sanctioning smart contracts.

“Michael’s unique experiences in both crypto and government will guide

DEF and help us accomplish our mission,” said DEF's Chief Executive Officer Miller Whitehouse-Levine. “We are lucky to have a person of such incisiveness and integrity joining the committee.”

Mosier is lead counsel for Espresso Systems, which is developing configurable privacy and a decentralized sequencer for digital assets, and co-founder of Arktouros pllc, a niche law firm dedicated to emergent technology and civil society. Prior, Mosier spent years in public service, serving as Acting Director (Deputy Director and first Digital Innovation Officer) of the U.S. Treasury’s FinCEN, where he drove developments toward privacy-enhancing technology, cryptocurrency, and digital identity. Additionally, Mosier was Counselor (Cybersecurity & Emerging Technology) to the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and Associate Director of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. Throughout, including his time at the White House National Security Council and Department of Justice, Mosier has dedicated his career to democratic and personal sovereignty, with a focus on emerging technological solutions to policy challenges.

“Opportunity for self-determination is foundational to democracy, and that principle is core to both public service and web3,” said Mosier. “I am honored to contribute to DeFi Education Fund’s mission of advancing informed appreciation for democratization, resilience, and accessibility of the financial system.”

* Please note that Michael is not being added to the DEF’s multisig.


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