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Grant: HODLpac

The DeFi Education Fund (DEF) is thrilled to support HODLpac with a $35,000 grant over three years to build and maintain its “HODLscore” tracker — an open source resource for the DeFi community to learn about where Congressional candidates and legislators stand on crypto-related policy.

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HODLpac is a political action committee dedicated to building support in Congress for the development of the cryptoeconomy in the United States. For this upcoming election cycle, HODLpac is building an exciting new tool to empower the DeFi community to make an impact; namely, a quadratic funding application in which individuals can donate in crypto or fiat directly to candidates for the House and Senate while having their donations matched by PAC funds. HODLpac donors will earn governance tokens to help steer the organization and, in effect, build the first politically-focused DAO in history.

One of the DEF’s core pillars is grassroots advocacy. HODLpac is pioneering a new model for grassroots political organizations and HODLscore is a crucial building block. As a publicly available and crypto-specific resource, HODLscore will equip the DeFi community with the information it needs to stay up-to-date on relevant legislation, the activity of their and other Congressional representatives, and flex its muscle in the upcoming election.

“Grassroots organization is our community’s superpower,” founder of HODLpac Tyler Whirty said. “HODLpac is a venue for us to do that for political ends and HODLscore will help focus that effort.”

HODLscore will track several categories of information about members of and candidates for Congress, including:

  • Basic biographical information and Congressional committee assignments;

  • Legislative data (such as bill sponsorships and voting records) on crypto-related bills;

  • Crypto-related press releases, public statements, quotes in news media, Tweets, podcast recordings, and more;

  • Campaign finance data to track which industries support them; and

  • Contact information to facilitate grassroots advocacy.

The goal for HODLscore is to assign legislators and candidates a rating based on (1) how supportive they are of policies that would help DeFi and crypto thrive in the United States and (2) the strategic value of supporting them in the 2022 election cycle.

At first, these ratings will be determined by the HODLpac team and leaders in the crypto advocacy space, but ultimately members of HODLpac will be in charge. If you’re interested in helping to shape HODLscore, join HODLpac’s Discord and contribute to the conversation.

And to learn more about HODLpac, follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their newsletter.

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