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DEF Rapid Grants

The DeFi Education Fund is seeking to fund projects that can quickly help inform policy making that will affect DeFi. To that end, we launched the Rapid Grants program on Monday. We’ll review proposals for up to $50,000 in funding and make a decision within 72 hours. Learn more and apply here.

Coins stacked in piles next to a stack of blue and black ink pens.

This post provides more details about what kind of proposals we’re looking to fund. Next week, we’ll start publishing specific requests for proposals. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact


Helping crypto users exercise their political rights and to petition the government? We want to fund you.

If you are an organization informing the public about the potential consequences of bad crypto and DeFi policy and encouraging political engagement so everyday users can make their voices heard, apply for a Rapid Grant from the DeFi Education Fund to supercharge your efforts today.

If you have other ideas about how to better activate crypto’s enthusiastic user base into a potent political force, we want to fund them.


Eager to pursue legal challenges to overly broad policies? We want to fund you.

Are you an organization ready to delve into the strongest potential legal challenges to overly broad and misguided policies, like the disastrous crypto provision in the bipartisan infrastructure package if it becomes law? Get started today with a Rapid Grant from the DeFi Education Fund.

We must be prepared to challenge bad laws and regulations in court. If you’re questioning how warrantless surveillance of peer-to-peer transactions would be consistent with the Fourth Amendment, how the “third party” doctrine would be satisfied in systems designed to eliminate third parties, or how regulating software development is not a violation of the First Amendment’s free speech protections, get started now and apply for a grant.


On the front lines and in need of additional lobbying capabilities? We want to fund you. If you are a crypto advocacy organization in need of additional lobbying resources right now, we want to fund you. Get more boots on the ground with a Rapid Grant from the DeFi Education Fund.


Researching DeFi protocols and markets? Looking into it? We want to fund you.

Are you an academic, think tank scholar, or crypto market whiz researching (or interested in researching) decentralized finance? Apply for a Rapid Grant from the DeFi Education Fund. The DEF is seeking to fund research to better inform policy making worldwide. Research topics we seek to fund include how DeFi markets operate, who participates in them, why people use DeFi protocols, where those people are located, the efficiencies DeFi protocols offer, where DeFi protocols are providing new access to financial services, and other DeFi-focused questions.

The DEF’s Rapid Grants application is designed to take less than 30 minutes to complete, and we will deliver funding decisions within 72 hours with funds following shortly thereafter (currently limited to $USDC).


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